Cowin Vaccine Certificate Correction: Name, Address, Passport, M. No

Make corrections in your vaccination certificate for national or international travel. Now you can change your name, address, mobile number and even add your passport number with Covid Vaccine Certificate. to do Cowin Vaccine Certificate Correction, must visit official website and follow steps given below.

Cowin Vaccine Certificate Correction Form 2021 is available on those who which to change address, name or phone number, Aadhar Card Number on their Vaccination Certificate can now get it corrected on official portal at GOI has added more features to portal such as Vaccination Certification Corrections, now you can change your address on, the complete process to change Address, Name, Phone Number on Covid Vaccine Certificate is given below. now you can link your documents to your vaccine certificate.

It’s been months since the government started providing Vaccine certificate after vaccination. Now, India is about to become the first country to have provided certificates. With so many developments that have taken place, the governments have made necessary changes. One such is being able to make amendments to the certificate. Thus, we shall discuss more the Cowin Vaccine Certificate Correction.

Cowin Vaccine Certificate Correction

When the government started the vaccination program in January 2021, there was no provision of a vaccination certificate. In the first phase, the recipients were front line workers from all fields. Later, in the second phase, which started for recipients above 45 years and below 60 years, the government started providing the certificates. For this purpose, there were many portals that started majorly used is

Cowin Certificate Correction
Certificate Correction Process

After registrations online on Aarogya Setu or Cowin, the recipients could receive the certificates from either of these. However, with time, the government gave the option of downloading the vaccination certificates from Digilocker or the Umang App. To use these apps, the recipient had to provide registration details on these apps, so that after the vaccine dose, they can download the certificate. Other than this, the people had to receive the certificates for both doses as proof.

How to Link Passport Number to Vaccine Certificate

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Vaccine 2nd Dose Registration

Cowin Certificate Verification

Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate Amendments

Even though we have mentioned various kinds of details in other of our posts, we would like to mention a new one in this. In the past few months, the government has provided millions of Covid-19 certificates to the beneficiaries. With the second phase, the authorities made it mandatory for the recipients to download the first dose vaccination certificate. This shows that the person is partially vaccinated. For the second dose, the person has to carry the first certificate in the mentioned timeline. Now that the certificate has been made mandatory and is easily available, there might be some chances of fraud on certificates. Some people have complained of false names, or inactive links are mentioned on the certificate that they received.

How To Correct Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate With Wrong Name, Address, Phone Number

In such a case, the authorities had to look after the mistakes, so that people don’t face problems in producing these certificates ahead. Thus, the government rectified the issue and has now made it possible for the beneficiary to correct the mistakes. With the help of this feature on the app and portal at, people can rectify the mistakes like name, DOB, age, photo, gender, etc. The people will also be able to correct the vaccine and the person they got the vaccine from. In this post, we shall let you know the procedure. These steps will help you can check if the vaccine certificate is original, also you can Verify Cowin Vaccine Certificate.

Process for Cowin Vaccine Certitificate Correction

As already mentioned, you can get the mistakes rectified now. No matter from which portal or app you download the vaccination certificate (I or II), you can rectify the mistakes on the portal. This feature has helped many people from getting fake certificates and has provided them the correct ones. Also, it helps the people to trust the government more on the vaccination program and the authenticity of the certificates. Now that the vaccination program is gaining a good pace and is accessible for a larger population, it’s important to know the correction steps. You can check these here and your family, as well as others around you.

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For checking the correction, you have to visit the Cowin website, i.e.

  • Then, to begin with, you need to provide the registered phone number and enter the OTP on the screen.
  • After this, your verification is complete and you go to your dashboard.
Cowin Account Login
  • On your dashboard, you will find the Raise an Issue option.
  • On accessing this option, you will be given more options. Opt for the Certificate Correction option there.
  • Then, click on the What is the Issue?. There, you have to tick on the Correction in the Certificate point below.
Raise An Issue
  • Then, click on the continue button.
  • On doing this, you will have options that you need the changes in. These are the name, gender, birth year, and photo ID number.
  • After this, you have to enter the corrections that you opted for and again click on Continue.
  • Finally, you complete the changes that you want on your certificate. One more important thing is that these changes are possible only once after the vaccination.

Vaccine Certificate Wrong Name, Phone Number, Address Correction

Link Passport Number to Cowin Vaccine Certificate

With a new update from the government, it is now possible for the people to correct the information on the certificates. The official Aarogya Setu App tweeted on the handle ‘Now you can make corrections to your name, year of birth, and gender on your Cowin vaccination certificate if inadvertent errors have come in’. Talking about the use of these vaccination certificates, these help for travel purposes and other official and important premises. In addition to this, the government has made it necessary for people to update their health status on the Aarogya Setu app which will then show a blue tick for one dose. For both the doses, the app shows Blue Shield status (double tick) after 14 days of the second dosage.

Links For Portal Vaccine Certificate Corrections

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Certificate VerificationClick Here To Verify
Website Vaccine Certificate Correction Form FAQs

Can we correct the certificate mistakes on the Cowin app?

Yes, the government has made it possible to correct the mistakes on the Cowin app.

Does Aarogya Setu app update our status there on receiving the doses?

Yes, once you self access yourself after the vaccine dose, the app updates the status both the times with a single tick and double ticks respectively.

What information can the person change on the cowin portal on the certificate?

On the certificate, if there are mistakes, you can correct them on the site. These can be the name, vaccine, personal details, vaccine provider, etc.

On Which Website can we can make Covid Vaccine Certificate Correction ? is the official portal to do so.