Total Gaming FF ID No Ajjubhai94 Stats, KD, Diamonds, Level, Monthly Income

Total Gaming FF ID, Ajjubhai94 Stats, Total Gaming Monthly Income from youtube, Ajjubhai94 KD and and level in free fire. If you are a hard core gamer then somewhere in your life, you must have heard about “TOTAL GAMING”. Be it through friends or other gamers. As this is the official you tube channel of Ajju Bhai who plays Free Fire in his channel Total Gaming. Yes that’s right!. Ajju Bhai thus started his channel long back in 2018 and now he’s is going great with almost 26 million followers. Moreover, releasing about 950+ videos all pertaining to clearing the Free Fire levels.

Total Gaming FF ID No

Thus, all the upcoming gamers do watch his videos and enjoy his game. They also refer to his tricks and apply them while playing the same. Hence, today I will now be sharing Total Gaming Free Fire ID with you. Here we will also see, his stats, performances, diamonds, and his social accounts, thus all in the article ahead.

Total Gaming FF ID, Total stats, all enclosed here.

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Ajju Bhai Total Gaming Free Fire ID:

The real name of the amazing you tube’s content creator for channel “Total Gaming” is Ajay, Though he is widely known by his gaming alias as Ajjubhai94. But for those who don’t know who are talking about then here you will all the information. Ajay alias Ajjubhai94 is a gamer content creator. He thus releases his gaming videos online. Now what is more special about videos is that he always plays along with the live commentary that thus goes side by side of the game.

Hence this turns great source of game insights for the new players in the town. Yes, if you are too a new player and know how to clear the level. Then you can watch his videos and use the tricks in your game too.

Total Gaming Free Fire ID and Stats of Ajjubhai94:

The FF ID of Ajju bhai and his game name is given here:-

Free Fire ID of Ajju Bhai (Ajay)451012596
Free fire Total gaming nameajjubhai94
You tube link of Ajju Bhai’s Total gaming
Ajju bhai’s email id (Active)

Stats of Ajjubhai94 FF in Total gaming Youtuber

If we talk about the overall stats of the Ajay from the time he started his you tube channel. Then here it is for you. He has the overall 8845 no. of games played over the span of almost 2.5 years. That is thus a huge no. though. Out of all the games he thus played, he managed to win almost 2350 no. of games. Hence this take his winning percentage to 27% (approx.).

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Total no. of kills of Ajjubhai94 is 32304 no.’s and thus it brings his K/D ratio to 4.98. That marvelous and obviously above average.

Now if we have the new gamers in the line, thus chances are there that they might be confused about the K/D ratio. However, do not worry. As I will discuss it here. The K stands for Kills (no. of kills in a game). and D stands for the deaths.

Thus the K/D ratio is your Kills to death ratio. If it is above 1 then that thus means you are playing it right. However in order to remain ahead in the game you must maintain the ratio >1.

If we talk about his SOLO games then he managed 76 wins against the 871 games as played by him. Also in the game he kept on killing 2213 no. of enemies. This thus brings his K/D ratio to 2.78 which is a decent one.

Again, talking about the FF in duo mode, then Ajju bhai has played about 1585 games and could successfully secure 299 Booyahs. Finally making his winning percentage to 18.88%. Hence, after killing 6196 no. of enemies he has reached the K/D ratio of 4.83, which is just great.

Clash Squad Rank of Ajju bhai:

In the Clash Squad mode the famous you tuber played the total of 13 ranked games. Thus winning a good no. that is a total of 10 games out of the ones he played. and thereby maintaining the k/d to 1.78.

Ajju Bhai’s Active accounts :

The famous gaming content creator is also available in various social media platform, thereby enjoying the large fan base over there. Thus even you can use the below information to follow him directly from here.

Although all of you are aware of his you tube channel TOTAL GAMING, with an amazing 26 million followers. But with this, he has also started his new channel on you tube named as “Total Gaming Live”. Since this is a new channel hence the active followers are close to 6 million here.

Total Gaming (on you tube)
Total Gaming Live (on you tube)
Instagram Id of ajjubhai093TOTALGAMING_OFFICIAL
Facebook account of ajjubhai093TOTALGAMING093
ajjubhai093 Twitter accountTOTAL_GAMING093

FAQ’s For Total Gaming Ajju Bhai 94 FF ID, Diamonds, Monthly Income

What is Free Fire ID of Ajju Bhai ?

the Total Gaming FF ID of Ajju bhai is ajjubhai94, complete Free Fire id is diplayed on this page.

What is Total Gaming Monthly Income ?

according to youtube analytics Ajjubhai94 Monthly income is around 1,00,000$ USD which is equal to 75,00,000 INR approximately.

Send in your queries on Free Fire below and let us know how we can help you. Till then keep playing Folks!